Translation and Legalisation in Dubai: What You Need to Know?

Dubai is a multicultural city with a diverse population from around the world. Different languages are spoken and used in official documents. Translation bridges the language gap, allowing individuals to understand and access important information in their preferred language. That’s why translation & legalisation service is an essential element of our services portfolio.

And this is not everything! Both translation and legalisation processes in Dubai ensure language accessibility, legal compliance, international recognition, document integrity, and compliance with government regulations. These processes facilitate smooth communication, legal acceptance, and streamlined procedures for individuals and businesses in Dubai.

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Legalisation and translation are essential in Dubai for several reasons:

International Recognition

Dubai is a global business and travel hub. Translating and legalizing documents increases their international recognition and acceptance. Translated documents, such as educational certificates or business contracts, can be used in other countries for employment, education, or business purposes.

Legal Compliance

Legalization ensures that documents comply with the legal requirements and standards of Dubai and the UAE. It involves notarization, authentication, and sometimes consular or embassy attestation. Legalized documents carry legal weight and are recognized by government authorities, courts, and other institutions.

Employment and Education

When seeking employment or education opportunities in Dubai, translated and legalized documents are often required. Employers may need translated resumes, academic transcripts, or work experience certificates. Educational institutions may request translated diplomas or degrees. These processes ensure that documents are valid and accepted for such purposes.

Business Transactions

Dubai is a major business destination, and translated and legalized documents play a vital role in conducting business. Contracts, agreements, and other legal documents are translated to ensure all parties involved understand the terms and conditions. Legalization confirms the authenticity of these documents, providing legal assurance and protection.

Government Procedures and Immigration

Many government procedures in Dubai, such as visa applications, residency permits, or property transactions, require translated and legalized documents. These processes ensure that documents comply with government regulations and are accepted for official procedures.

Document Integrity and Protection

Translation and legalization processes help maintain the integrity and authenticity of documents. Certified translators ensure accurate translations, preserving the original meaning and content. Legalization procedures authenticate the signatures, seals, and overall integrity of the document, preventing fraud or tampering.


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To legalize documents in Dubai, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • Translate the document: If the document is not in Arabic, you may need to translate it into Arabic through a certified translation service.
  • Notarize the document: Take the translated document to a licensed notary public in Dubai to authenticate it.
  • Attestation by relevant authorities: Depending on the purpose of the document, you may need to get it attested by various authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy/consulate of the target country.
  • Legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Once the document has been notarized and attested, it may need to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

Yes, many translation services in Dubai offer certified translations. Certified translations are often required for legal and official purposes, such as immigration, court documents, academic transcripts, and business contracts.

The cost of translation services in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as the language pair, document complexity, word count, and turnaround time. Generally, translation services charge per word or per page. It’s best to request a quote from different providers to compare prices.

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