Find Your Right Activity For Your Business

    During the early stages of the free zone company formation process in the UAE, you must decide which activity category best describes your business. It’s vitally important that you choose the right one, as it can have consequences later on.

    This is why Start Business Advisory offers a free initial consultation to help you find the right activity for your application. In most cases, it is a straightforward process, although there are instances where it can be tricky to identify the correct activity, and some expert advice can go a long way. 

    Whether you are entering into manufacturing, construction, I.T. or any other sector, we’ll discuss your options in-depth so you can make an informed decision and progress onto the next stage of your application without any unnecessary delays


    Popular Business Activity Types

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    Check the Dubai free zone business activites that are the most popular:

    Information Technology (IT) and Software Development

    E-commerce and Online Retail

    Media and Broadcasting

    Trading and Import-Export

    Consultancy and Professional Services

    Healthcare and Medical Services

    Education and Training

    Manufacturing and Industrial Activities

    Tourism and Hospitality

    What Our Service Offers?

    Start Business Advisory offers a full corporate bank account opening service. This takes the hassle out of the process to make it much more convenient. Our team will advise you about relevant compliance measures. Moreover, they will ensure all relevant documentation is in place and can manage the entire application procedure from start to finish. Also, they will keep you updated every step of the way.

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    Popular business activities in Dubai’s free zones include:

    • information technology (IT) and software development,
    • e-commerce and online retail,
    • media and broadcasting,
    • trading and import-export,
    • consultancy
    • professional services,
    • healthcare and medical services,
    • education and training,
    • manufacturing and industrial activities,
    • logistics and freight forwarding,
    • tourism and hospitality.

    Yes, Dubai’s free zones provide an ideal platform for e-commerce businesses. You can set up an online retail store, operate a marketplace, or offer specialized e-commerce services.

    Free zones offer benefits such as tax exemptions, simplified business setup processes, access to logistics and distribution networks, and connectivity to international markets.

    Dubai’s free zones welcome a range of IT and software development companies. You can establish a software development company, IT consulting firm, or cybersecurity services provider. Or you can set up a cloud computing solutions company.  or data management and analytics firm.

    These free zones offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, support for innovation, access to talent, and networking opportunities.

    Yes, Dubai’s free zones have dedicated zones for the media and broadcasting industry.

    Companies in this sector can set up in free zones such as Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Production City (DPC), and Dubai Studio City (DSC). In addition, these zones provide specialized facilities, production studios, networking events, and support services tailored to the media and broadcasting industry.

    Dubai’s free zones offer excellent opportunities for trading and import-export businesses.

    You can engage in general trading, specialized commodity trading, wholesale and distribution, and re-exporting. Besides, you can activate in specific sectors such as automotive, fashion, electronics, or food products.

    Free zones provide logistics infrastructure, customs services, access to global markets, and a business-friendly environment.


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