0% Corporate Tax to Set Up Your Company in Hong Kong Today

0% Hong Kong Corporate Tax¬†coupled with the recent changes in Dubai’s tax policies, has left many entrepreneurs concerned about how it will affect their financial bottom line. With the constant attention from corporations and frequent communications from the FTA (Federal Tax Authority), along with the impending 9% corporate tax, there is a growing need for a simplified approach.

If you’re a business owner in Dubai feeling the weight of recent tax developments, we have a transformative solution that can return that 9% to YOUR business.

Amid numerous messages and tax threats, we distinguish ourselves by providing a direct and cost-efficient solution tailored to the specific requirements of UAE business owners. While others are struggling to adapt to the new tax landscape, you can regain control over your business. Plus, your business can thrive even further with the added benefit of 0% Hong Kong Corporate Tax.

0% Hong Kong Corporate Tax


    0% Corporate Tax

    Strategic Location

    Position your business in a regional hub with unparalleled proximity to mainland China.

    Fast & Simple Incorporation

    Set up your company swiftly, benefitting from a streamlined and hassle-free incorporation process.

    Productive Workforce

    Tap into a multilingual and highly adaptable workforce for seamless global operations.

    Attractive Tax Regime

    Enjoy a low-tax environment with profit tax rates from 8.25% to 16.5%, and exemptions for profits made outside of Hong Kong.

    China Market Gateway

    Leverage Hong Kong as the gateway to vast business opportunities in the Chinese market.

    World-Class Infrastructure

    Operate in an environment with cutting-edge infrastructure that supports your business growth.

    Fully Remote Opening

    Key Advantages

    Setting up a business in Hong Kong offers several advantages

    Zero Corporate Tax:

    Conduct your offshore activities with zero corporate tax, providing a significant boost to your financial health.

    Full Remote Setup

    Experience the convenience of setting up your company remotely, saving you time and resources.

    Corporate Bank Account

    Seamlessly manage your financial operations with an integrated corporate bank account.

    Legal Compliance

    Rest assured that our structured approach ensures complete adherence to regulations, keeping your business secure and compliant.

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